All County Preparation – Hillsborough County, FL

This page is dedicated to Hillsborough All County Trumpet Etude Preparation. When preparing for All County we must remember one thing, it is great to be able to play all the notes and rhythms correctly, but in order to be successful we have to make music by following the directions on the page, and adding some of our own flare.

Scales are important, knowing your scales means never having to look at a scale sheet, or look up fingerings to any notes in the scale. Thus the best way to learn your scales is to learn them with your instrument and your ears, as well as knowing them in the Circle of Fifths and Fourths, and understanding the way the key signatures progress through it.
Sight reading is simple, SIGHTREAD EVERY DAY! If you force yourself to sightread every day you will with out fail become better, start off slow and easy, and work your way up to the faster tempos and more intricate rhythms and intervals. Prepared Etudes can be nerve racking, go through the etudes slowly. Find a tempo that makes the entire etude easy for YOU!! Practice every note and articulation when playing it slowly. if you have to practice it in layers starting with pitch first, rhythm second, and dynamics and articulation third that is fine too!!!!!!! I recorded these examples of the All County Trumpet Etudes for 9th and 10th grade and middle school levels. The 11th and 12th grade recording can be heard being played by Phillip Smith on the CD that accompanies the book Advanced Concert Studies. I recorded these tracks at Bloomingdale High School auditorium using my Zoom H2 recorder.


Good Luck in your preparation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Hard work beats out talent eight days a week” – Wynton Marsalis


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